Our Team

Who we are

IQAnalytics Inc. is an Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Research Center, Educational and Consulting firm which focuses on Strategic Intelligence based on Knowledge and Risk Management, Quantitative knowledge application and knowledge management systems (KMS) development. Its main purpose is to support the development of strategic intelligence solutions for organizations intensive in knowledge and risk such as financial institutions, government, education and healthcare service institutions.

Areas of relevant work are: Data Envelopment Analysis (Prescriptive Analytics) for accounts payable control in the Government of Canada; Efficiency of using hybrid buses in public transportations; AI in Smart Cities Development a Perspective of Strategic Risk Management; Improvement resource allocation of the first line deployment of the Police Service; Creation of courses in SAS EG, EM and basic data steps for both academics and professionals; Integration of key risk indicators and key performance indicators for improving performance and management control systems; Analytics in Higher Education; Leasing Insurance product design; Service Evaluation for banking service through the ATM network; Pension and social benefits transition for an organization; Product design for risk of disability caused by catastrophic diseases; Maximum Probable Loss calculation for Bank Credit portfolio; Credit Risk Classification decision model, Identification of flower growth factors for crop development; Inventory calculation for meat and eggs in the aviculture industry, and so forth.

Meet the Team

1. Eduardo Rodriguez President - Founder

Ph.D. Operations Research/Information Systems - Knowledge Management, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham UK, MSc. in Actuarial Mathematics, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada Advanced Management Certificate Program, McGill University, Montreal, Canada MBA University of Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, BSc. Mathematics University of Los Andes Bogotá, Colombia. Research Interest Risk Analytics, Strategic Risk, Analytics as risk mitigant in organizations.

2. Zhouping Huang Research Assistant

Register Nurse University of Ottawa, Specialized in Diabetes and Rehab. Many years of experience in Nursing Education. Nurse Informatics/Analytics Training.

Advisor – Sebastian Rodriguez Advisor Qualitative Research

Majors in Philosophy and Political Science - Carleton University, MA Philosophy Carleton University, PhD Candidte Philosophy McGill University. Research Interests: Cognitive Science, Ethics in AI, Measurement Systems in Psychiatry.

Advisor – Greg Richards Performance - Management Consultant

Ph.D. Carleton University areas of interest Governance, Analytics in Government, Performance Measurement of Organizations

Advisor-John S. Edwards Research Consultant - KM- AI

Ph.D. , MSc. and Bachelor in Mathematics from Cambridge University UK, Emeritus Professor Aston University. Research Interest KM, AI and analytics applications.

Advisor – Daniel Rodriguez Advisor Quantitative Research

Mathematician Carleton University Canada, MSc. Mathematics Waterloo University Canada, PhD. Bio Statistics McGill University. Research Interest Causal Inference, Clinical Trials, Bayesian Statistics. Experience in Health Care Analytics