Marketing and Strategy Analytics

The combination of Analytics and Marketing is extremely interesting. The descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics techniques are possible to use for marketing decisions. The rationale behind marketing analytics is based on the development of data-driven solutions for customer understanding, product, pricing, and promotion strategies. Analytics supports organizations to deal with uncertainty during the stages of marketing strategy design and implementation. In this course, you will find the way to use analytics tools to marketing strategy design and implementation. The emphasis is on the understanding of how to apply the analytics tools and how to interpret results according to various problems or marketing situations.

The objectives of Marketing and Strategy Analytics are:
-Understand, Apply and Integrate marketing and analytics concepts to improve organizations’ strategies
-Build capabilities and skills for Critical Thinking, Problem-solving and Decision-Making processes for using appropriate tools and concepts
-Develop the ability to perform different type of analysis under various marketing problems/processes
-Explore the use of analytics methodologies for different marketing problems/processes 
-Provide value to the organizations through the guide of analytics work according to the area of specialization of people, process, and technology in marketing
-Evaluate the opportunities for global competitive advantage development associated with the use of analytics applied to marketing
-Explore the new trends and marketing based on of analytics capabilities to understand customers, design products, control portfolios of products and promotion, forecasting and marketing planning

For creating and implementing Marketing and and Strategy Analytics we include the following capabilities development:

  • Marketing Plan, Visualizing  and Summarizing Marketing Data
  • Working on Pricing Strategy: Price Optimization, Bundles, Revenue Management, Skimming the Market, Non-Linear Pricing
  • Forecasting Development, Time Series Methods
  • Understanding Customers
  • Customer Value and customer life span/shrinking/loyalty/churn
  • Marketing Segmentation
  • New Products  introduction
  • Retailing strategies
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Marketing research tools
  • Internet and Social Marketing
  • Machine Learning in Marketing
  • New Developments in Marketing Analytics