YORC Young Researchers’ Corner

YORC Young Researchers’ Corner

Creation Value in the society supporting new generations of researchers and problem solvers.

The Young Researcher ‘s Corner

The Young Researchers’ Corner is a virtual place for all of students at university level. As all of us are researchers in our daily life and our professional or academic work, to develop more good research is a matter of finding among many factors and means to satisfy our curiosity!


Students in the beginning steps of doing research require a lot of guidance, support, and orientation to avoid being lost in the ocean of publications and sources of knowledge as well as sources of garbage. The Young Researchers’ Corner aims to start the creation of a means to bring students to a friendly initiation to do research, to find good sources to start a good literature review, to find good readings that motivate and support the students’ curiosity. We need a virtual location for students that facilitates the presentation of research work or research events at the real world-communities-universities where embraces and enriches the environment for students doing research.


  • Engage students to the research services that support their research activities
  • Introduce students to the research world using resources of the research centers
  • Facilitate students’ journey to be a researcher and to use the appropriate sources of knowledge
  • Motivate students’ contribution to create a friendly environment of doing research
  • Build the point of encounter to satisfy students’ appetite of searching for answers to the questions of their interests


One-stop-shop for guidance, resources, and activities related to research at the university-community called The Young Researcher’s Corner


  • Connecting the courses of Research and Technology to the resources of research centers.
  • Connecting the events/activities at the university-community related to create knowledge and develop academic activities
  • Providing guidance to search for resources of data, software, and ways to socialize and collaborate in doing research
  • Organizing content. For example, each color in the matrix-table above indicates areas that are connected. The layout of the page can follow a similar pattern.
  • Guide to use more efficiently the research centers resources
  • Use of external resources, data, software, buzzword topics, topic news, etc.
  • Promote-develop activities – events and ways of creating a research network
  • Connect the experts from different fields
  • Connect the Mathematics Innovation and Discovery Space
  • Inform-Promote- Research groups of students, professors